• Mar 23 2023

University of Patras (UPAT)

University of Patras (UPAT)


University of Patras (UPAT) is the 3rd largest University in Greece and includes 24 Departments, with a large number of sectors and consequently a great range of disciplines, which operate 112 laboratories and 14 fully equipped clinics. More specific 36,140 undergraduate, 2,696 postgraduate students, 1712 P.hd candidates, 727 faculty members, 146 Teaching and Technical staff and 457 Administrative Personnel. The University of Patras besides its distinguished path in education has excelled in the fields of basic and applied research. International policy is achieved through the cooperation with universities and research institutions worldwide. Cooperation includes activities related to research, teaching, intensive programmes and the development of common curricula, establishment of bilateral agreements, as well as the participation in international organizations, networks and associations. The University encourages multicultural academic cooperation and participates in many programmes of the European Union such as Lifelong Learning, FP7, etc with links with about 160 Universities. Especially the research team of UPatras

Network Operations Centre (NOC) has great experience in collaborations as has been involved in many projects concerning learning methods, open courses, open and distance learning, e-learning, pedagogical approach of IT, lifelong learning activities e.t.c. NOC provides telematics services throughout the academic community of University of Patras. NOC provide online platform where advanced research and educational applications can rely on. In this framework NOC has advanced the development of advanced telematics services such as asynchronous learning (eclass), streaming, videoconferencing e.t.c.

UPAT specialises in analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of delivery of teacher training in educational technology. UPAT has experience in the Greece and internationally having recently completed projects in quality improvement of teaching in this region. UPAT has also run several national train the trainers programmes in education. In this project UPAT will be involved in

- working with Iranian and Iraqi partners in developing training materials for staff members

- coaching trainers who will train the staff members in partner Universities

- developing criteria for evaluating learning objects developed by partner staff members

- evaluation of completed learning objects

- consultancy about the educational portal and technologies, participating in evaluation committee of the project

- participate in dissemination activities and provide evaluation report and number of recommendations


OPATEL Project Coordinator:



Prof.Dr. Nikos Karacapilidis

Nikos Karacapilidis, Professor of Management Information Systems at University of Patras, Greece. His work is aimed at supporting and augmenting the synergy of human and machine reasoning in the areas of Computer-Supported Collaborative Work, Business Intelligence and Technology-Enhanced Learning. He has been involved for about 20 years in the development of ICT solutions through European and national R&D projects. He has a strong publication record (more than 180 research papers) in various international journals and conference proceedings. For many years, he was the Editor?In?Chief of the Advances in Web?Based Learning Book Series, and Co?Editor?In?Chief of the International Journal of Web?Based Learning and Teaching Technologies. He is the editor of the recently published Springer book, titled “Mastering Data?Intensive Collaboration and Decision Making”.