• Sep 29 2023




OPATEL is a three years project started on October 15, 2016, and funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ programme that concentrates on providing Iraqis and Iranian students and teachers with competencies and skills needed by using Learning Management Systems in Education.

The aim of OPATEL consists in establishment and development of E-Learning center to train staff and students in Iraqis and Iranian universities by using online platform for teaching and learning to be as a hub for using best practices in ICT in education, as well as raising competencies of lecturers and teachers by enhancing the learning processes of students.

This project will focus on development of online platform for teaching and learning by constructing of E-Learning training center in Iraqis and Iranian universities by:

  • Developing the abilities of the staff in the universities to use ICT

  • Training and following up with staff and students on how to develop, share learning objects, and collaborate their courses, presentations and exercises on online platform.

  •  Improve quality of teaching and learning by building capacity of universities in how to evaluate, develop and design e-courses.

  • Enhancing cooperation with EU partners through mutual visits to develop strategies in how to move from teaching to learning and developing scalable sustainable solutions.

The use of online Platform will steer the education, technical ICT in the right direction. Training of staff to enhance and develop their abilities, will promote reform and modernization of higher education in both countries.

Through this platform partner universities will have a new vision in education systems and these will enhance quality and relevance of higher education