• Mar 23 2023

University of Duhok (UoD)

University of Duhok (UoD)


The University of Duhok is a governmental institution in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It was founded in 1992 to cater for the higher education needs of the Kurdish youth. Currently the university has eleven faculties, seventeen training, consulting and research centers. The student population in the UoD currently stands at 14000 students. The UoD’s mission is to support the economic, social, cultural and environmental development in the Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region and Iraq through the continuous supply of quality graduates and research in the different specializations. The values in the UoD include integrity, honesty, transparency, diversity, equity, responsibility, respect and collaboration.

The UoD is a member of the IAU, EAIE, AARU, and the IUC. The UoD has working collaborative partnerships and projects with a large number of universities in Europe, the US, Australia, SE Asia and the Middle East. The UoD has been a proactive partner in the Erasmus Mundus Program since 2007 and has held two annual meetings of the Erasmus Mundus- SALAM 1 kick-off meeting in 2011 and SALAM 2 selection meeting in 2014. Spatial and Integrated Planning using remote sensing and GIS technology is an area of emphasis in the UoD and this is included in one of its eleven faculties. This stems out of the realization that in a very fast developing Kurdistan Region, good planners are needed to plan for development and at the same time not harm the environment.

The UoD can apply its knowledge and new experience in the field of E learning and its applications in this project. The Directorate of E-Learning is linked directly to the Vice President of Scientific affairs. The staff in the E learning Directorate will share their challenges as the E-learning is a new practice at the UoD in general, Staff expect that the EU partner universities will share their good practices in this discipline. This sharing of experiences will be through workshops, seminars and training course together with training on

new instruments and new technologies. 

The presence of the motivated and talented staff together with determined administration at UoD will give essential role in implementing this project. UoD as a partner will help hosting meetings concerning, dissemination of the project, selection of equipment and assisting in the centers development,monitoring and controlling the progress of the project .


OPATEL Project Coordinator:


Dr. Sabah Wais


I received my B.Sc. degree in Physics from Physics Department, University of Mosul with GPA 84.26/100 (ranked the first). I awarded my M.Sc. degree in Laser Physics from the Applied Science department, University of Technology-Baghdad in 1997 in the field of spectral properties of laser dyes. In 1998, I employed at the Physics Department, College of Science, and University of Duhok since I granted to do my PhD which started in September 2006 and finished successfully in October 2009. I work in the field of current-voltage characteristics of plasma discharge particularly corona discharge in different parameters of design geometry and varies system condition such working pressure and humidity.

Since 1997, my research activities are concentrated on the study of spectral properties of organic compounds. I have worked on the measurement of fluorescence lifetime of R6G, RB and FL-Na laser dyes. This work had resulted in publishing several papers in the literature. After earning my PHD degree in Plasma Physics, my interest has been deviated to Corona discharge and an empirical formula describing the current-voltage characteristics under the influence of some parameters such as working pressure and effect of separation gap between the electrodes. Currently, I am interested in studying the characteristics of corona discharge of some new geometry of electrodes configuration with various chamber conditions.


Dr. Rund A. Hammoudi


is currently the Director of International Relations at the University of Duhok (UoD), afast growing establishment in the city of Duhok, located in the city of Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Prof. Hammoudi comes from an extensive teaching, research, and administration background within the higher educational sector. Prior to her current job, Prof. Hammoudi worked as a Teaching Assistant, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Assistant Professor at Baghdad University and Mosul University for the period from 1979-2007 Duhok.

Prof. Hammoudi was the coordinator different successful programs of the University of Duhok in the last ten years. Most of these programs are with American and British higher education institutes through the US State Departments and the British Council. Also she was the Coordinator of the European Union Projects of Erasmus Mundus in its different rounds, like External Windows, SALAM1 and SALAM2, she represents Iraq in the quality assurance committee of the same program in 2015 till now. Most of these projects concentrate on the role of education on the society and the role of woman in the society and several programs that targeted the refugees and IDPs in Kurdistan. She also has been selected to be a member of the newly formed International Education leadership Institute of the United States.

She actively participated in different national and international conferences, workshops, seminars among those NAFSA and Going Global international conferences. Her vision is education for all no matter of age, gender or status. She always strives for internationalization at home.

Prof. Hammoudi’s background is in Geology, she is a Faculty at the Applied Geology Department at the University of Duhok. She earned her under graduate and graduate degrees from University of Baghdad and University of Mosul in Iraq.


Dr. Ezat Yousif Raoof


Assistant Prof, is the dean of College of Science at the University of Duhok, Iraq since 2016. Before that he was working for ten years as the head of Biology Department at the University of Duhok. He got his (M.Sc.) in 1981 M.Sc. Biology, College of Science, University of Mosul, Iraq. After that he completes his (PhD) between 1998-2002 PhD Dept. of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, and University of Duhok. His research interest is Aquatic ecology, Taxonomy of algae, Algal ecology, Water, soil, and air pollution.