• Mar 23 2023

University of Baghdad (UoB)

University of Baghdad (UoB)


University of Baghdad is characterized with being one of the oldest and the largest universities in Iraq and Middle East. It was established as the first official university in Iraq in 1957. It includes most of the medical, scientific, and human specializations and the sciences edges in (24) colleges, (4) institutes for higher studies, (16) advisory offices, (9) scientific centres and (15) research units to graduate thousands of students every year so that to contribute in human and nation-building.

At University of Baghdad, there are more than eighty thousand students, divided into Seventy thousand undergraduate students and 10 postgraduate students. Moreover, in the university there are 7000 employees and 6000 full-time teacher staff. UoB occupied the first rank among the Iraqi universities.

Recently UoB occupied the rank of 640 in QS international ranking with three stars.

The strategies of University of Baghdad are providing the qualified manpower to work in various fields that corresponds to the evolving needs of the labor market. Improving the educational and the administrative processes to contribute in the achievement of the university vision and mission.

Development of faculty members especially in terms of Electronic Education. Improvement of the scientific achievements in a way that corresponds with the international accreditation standards. Using update techniques in academic education and scientific research. The major target of UoB is establishing strong scientific and cultural relations with international universities. That will be happened by building the partnership programs with international university to improve the scientific curriculum of UoB and the research projects especially in electronic communication and education.

UoB has started following the e-learning through the establishment of a centre of Ibn Sina is part of the computer centre. Baghdad University is one of the leading electronic education and universities follow the techniques of Computing in Education and communication between teachers and students and even among colleges and newly established a network electronic communication between the colleges and the various centres.

Networking for the partners and host seminars. Moreover UoB will lead the dissemination activities.

UoB expert staff member will be trained on developing Training Material on utilising ICT in education through mutual visit to European Partners. UoB will equipped a center to train, Staff member will be trained on utilising ICT in education and deliver learning objects to be uploaded at the educational portal.

UoB as a partner will help hosting meetings concerning, dissemination of the project, monitoring and controlling the progress of the project.


OPATEL Project Coordinator:


Ayaid Khadem Zgair 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Zgair manages the department of scholarships and cultural relations at UoB. He is responsible for regulating relations with international universities and to develop mechanisms of cooperation and partnership and twinning with foreign universities and submits and follow-up programs that are managed by foreign institutions. Dr. Zgair published more than 45 scientific articles in different disciplines and he participated in more than 16 international conferences. In addition in local conferences. He also acts as a coordinator between the University of Baghdad and many foreign universities.


Osamah Fadhil Abdulateef

Assistant Professor

Dr. Abdulateef is vice president of UoB. Basically, His specialization is Mechanical Engineering/ Applied Mechanics, He taught different subjects especially, Engineering Mechanics Operation Research, Advance Manufacturing, Numerical Analysis, Modelling & Simulation and Control & Measurements. Also he was an examiner for 11 post graduate students. In our university Dr. Abdulateef worked as investigator and manager for nine research projects in different fields of his specialization. In the last years he focused on electronic education in engineering subjects. He has enough power as a vice president for scientific affairs to improve the electronic education in UoB. He published many research papers in different disciplines of systematic and mechanical engineering.  


Mohammed Sadeq Salman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Salman manages Avi-Cenna Center, Baghdad University. This centre responsible for e-learning at UoB. He gives different lectures in the e-learning and Distance Education. At UoB we do the best to improve the e-learning and trying to control the e-learning at all colleges and centers in UoB. The control occurring online. This center is the pioneer center of e-learning in UoB and Iraq. Dr. Salman taught a number of different computer-specific subjects and curricula. He attended several national and international conferences and meeting. He published 9 research papers in national and international journals.


Ms. Sura Ibrahim Abdulmajeed AL-Khayyat

She is deputy of Director of Scholarships and Cultural relations. She specializes in English literature and has a number of literary articles as well as participated in a number of workshops and courses on education outside Iraq. Currently working with Dr. Mohammed in the management of the OpT project in Iraq. 


Balsam Al-Tawash 

Assistant professor

Dr. Al-Tawash is one of brilliant professor in the geology department. In her scientific life she supported many national and international scientific projects in the geology. The new and high sophisticate that dependent on electronical communication was inserted in her projects. She published 24 research articles in different fields of geology of Iraq and teaching of geology. In the last years, she taught different subjects of Geology for undergraduates and postgraduates students. She joined different training course overseas.