• Mar 23 2023

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK)

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK)


For more than two hundred years, the HTWK Leipzig and its predecessors have been providing highquality, career-relevant education in a diverse range of fields through innovative courses, excellent teaching and state-of-the-art facilities.

Today, with about 7000 students, HTWK Leipzig ranks among Germany’s largest universities of applied sciences. Education and teaching in HTWK is practice-oriented, career-relevant, performed in short and intense study courses leading to accredited bachelor and master degrees. All HTWK faculties are using ICT in education and training, meeting rapidly evolving industry needs, optimizing study and teaching of students for high-level professional practice in fields of engineering, business, social science and cultural

studies and information sciences.

In teaching, the university uses E-learning, e.g. OPAL system and audio/video communication technologies and spreads their experience in European and regional projects. The necessary ICT, i.e.

various E-services, were developed by scientists and students of HTWK self in several projects, even presented during national and international fairs: E-learning tools, E-library, E-government, E-publishing, E-payment, a/v-conferencing. In numerous projects, the HTWK staff members impart their experience gathered in development and application of ICT to national and international partners and partner institutions, e.g. in more than 15 European Tempus and Erasmus plus projects, more than 12 regional ICT projects in education and more than 7 national education and research projects. Including student practice, education, training and graduation works, further development of ICT methods was accelerated.


HTWK is the project applicant and responsible for the successful project completion. It performs the overall project management, budgetary control, quality control and monitoring, supported by other partners and dissemination of the project, based on modern data base supported management methods:

financial management, hierarchical structured coordination, performance analysis, reporting, controlling and communication on the project progress – fundamental methods for organising the project realisation. This guarantees a high quality of the project performance. HTWK performs also trainings for Iranian and Iraqi teachers preparing them for developing and performing Economics courses for target groups in the PC. The experience of HTWK is based on its works in Tempus and Erasmus plus -projects like "JointLAB","InterCollegia","InterSCAN", "EduVisIM", “EU-TraCeFer”, “UnIvEnt” and “STEP", "VTC", "ModeHed", "INVENT", and "METHODS".


OPATEL Project Coordinator:


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Prof. h. c. mult. Klaus Hänßgen

Klaus Hänßgen is a Professor for Information Systems and Multimedia Technologies. Very experienced in E-learning, ICT development and application, Distance e-learning, e-services development and leading students to highly noted innovative ICT developments for educational applications. He was the coordinator in 7 Tempus projects, especially also projects for ICT application in education and teaching. He was working together with partners of several research institutions and industry on e-service projects, computer and network projects and content development, funded by German and Saxony ministries, research and educational institutions and by private companies


Dr.rer.nat. Riyadh Qashi

involved in different international projects. Performs research in area of computer networks, quality of service and routing protocols.Experience with IT projects, e-learning systems, development and restructuring of computer networks. Was a PhD student in HTWK.Leipzig and University Leipzig 2008-2011. During his study he was using many contacts to enterprises for applying the results of his work. He  has a very good communication skills, academic expert in Tempus program, experience in international project such as Tempus and Erasmus + projects. He is experienced in developing IT-projects and skills in technical, user, and hardware infrastructure support. He is the  manager for Erasmus + projects  KA2 at HTWK Leipzig.