• Mar 23 2023

AgriWatch BV

AgriWatch BV



AgriWatch Consulting is formed as ITC/University of Twente Alumni start-up aimed at the development of geospatial innovative solutions and services for building and maintaining an Agricultural Information Management System. AgriWatch uses Remote Sensing data analysis, such as SpectroCam, hyperspectral sensors, thermal sensors, visual cameras, satellite Earth observation data, and ground-based sensors on a cost effective basis GIS data and/or knowledge platforms/vehicles such as Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or ground based vehicles such as tractors ICT and big data in farming.


OPATEL Project Coordinator:


Dr. Ali A. Abkar

He is an expert in Geo-information. He has obtained his PhD from University of Twente and ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands in 1999. He has worked as an Assistant Professor at the K.N.Toosi University of Technology (KNTU), Iran and at ITC for five and six years, respectively. Before joining academics, he worked as a project manager for six years. He has extensive experience in the development of Joint Educational Programs in higher education, capacity building projects, as well as receiving EU grants. He has been the Program Director for Joint Iran-Holland MSc program in Geoinformatics. He has been the ITC coordinator for Erasmus Mundus Action 2 for Iran, Iraq, Yemen (2007-2008), regional coordinator (2009-2010) and the Iranian coordinator (2011-2015). Currently he is the Director of AgriWatch BV.