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OPATEL's Third Training Workshop in Iran

OPATEL's Third Training Workshop in Iran

OPATEL is holding its third training workshop on e-learning in December 2018.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), as the local coordinator of OPATEL project in Iran, is going to hold a three day training workshop entitled Instructional design, implementation and evaluation of e-learning system: The experience of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran On December 2-4, 2018. This workshop is due to the objectives of OPATEL project under financial support of European Union as one of the Erasmus+ projects which aims to launch an Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning in Iraq and Iran.

The aim of this workshop is to share the knowledge and experience of TUMS in the field of e-learning and LMS, as well as to share what TUMS has gained in this area and show its capabilities of distance learning.

This would be a blended workshop including e-learning and face to face components. It means that each participant will be provided with an account at TUMS LMS in advance, therefore, there would be an advantage of making it tangible for participants to practically use the LMS before and during the workshop.

Additionally, alongside of the workshop, participants will have a site visit of TUMS Virtual School and find out more about the studios and acoustic facilities provided there.

It is good to know that this workshop would be the third training course of the OPATEL project and will take place at TUMS OPATEL Center.

You can find more information about this workshop by clicking the link below:

TUMS Workshop Agenda



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